Workshops plan structure

The concept:
The ADAM Method comprises a unique sequence of workshops, with the efficient approach of “learning
by doing”. A practical application of the whole human-knowledge treasured in the Manual book of The ADAM Method: Self Initiation in the New Way to Being Essence of Life. This sequence of workshops helps the searching person to find his calling, a personal mission, to develop a balanced way of copping in his or her daily life.
A full curriculum in the series of courses in ADAM Method School - New Way of Being Essence, will also be available also for those who wish to go deeply into ADAM Method's teaching.

The target:
The aim for this practice:
• Sharpen your skills for self-study and attentive awareness on the way of Being-essence development.
  Develop your understanding, and experience the important Stations on the initiation way to
   self-fulfillment and liberation.
• Develop an increasingly precise evaluation of the Enhanced Sensory experiences, for long-term
  improvement and freedom of movement and posture.
• Study and familiarize yourself with the guiding and instruction of the Manual-book and Card-decks of
  ADAM Method.
• For the professional therapists among us: to integrate certain important suitable elements of ADAM
  Method New Way of Being-essence, incorporating the useful experience in their therapeutic practice.
• And finally, for all true seekers of wholeness, to study the full curriculum of ADAM Method School
  and become accredited teachers.