The ADAM Method

What is the ADAM Method?

The ADAM Method is a new developing way to the Being Essence of Life.

This method was developed by me as an integrated, tree-dimensional system of Work on oneself for the evolution of the three levels of the human being – Body, Soul, Mind.

We all know the need for liberation and correct activation of the physical body, freeing the emotional functions and expanding the awareness of our mental capacities.

The human being's vertical axis (the spinal column) is marked by interactive 12 energy centers, or zones, which receive the cosmic resonance of the twelve celestial signs of the zodiac - the twelve essential States of Being! In our system, we will call them either "energetic Being-states centers ", "flowers of knowledge", "chakras" (following the Hindu tradition), "spheres" (following the Kabala), or "terminals" (as they are called in contemporary communications).

Each leave of the flowers of knowledge we call -initiation stations which receive the cosmic resonance of the twelve (natal) planets of the solar system in our body. Integrated as energetic language connected to the 3 Centers of Being -membranes in the human being.

energy of being

These three Energetic Areas can be considered as the three "centers of gravity" of the human being's three main functions – Mental, Emotional, and Physical. These Centers of Being are responsible for the harmonious balance and developing function of the Human being.

The work with the ADAM Method Book and personal meeting with the ADAM Method’s Mentor, including the Workshops, guides us on how this is to be done. Obviously, the Way to inner freedom must be harmonious – all of the components that constitute a human being must function in a balanced fashion.

The three Ways included in the ADAM Method and their essential elements become clear:

1. Enhanced Sensory Initiation operates through the Physical Body and the spinal column. This initiation reveals our bodies' six primary directions and the six secondary directional movements flowing throughout our organs, as well as their real sensory evaluation.

Work on the physical body, which forms the basis of the "human pyramid", is nearly limitless and involves immeasurable potentialities. Using the Way of Enhanced Sensory Initiation, one may achieve a true taste of concrete Work on the physical body.

2. Transmutation of Emotional Virtues Initiation operates through the Emotional Body and the solar plexus.

Transmutation of Emotional Virtues practice allows us to discover our emotional mission in life – the primal Guiding virtue – connects us, to the right kind of self-esteem and place ourselves correctly within our own human circle, as well as within the evolving current of humanity.

The Way of transmutation of Emotional Virtues reveals new horizons: the Way is based on the realization that one's I is a plurality formed of 78 objective emotional states. Every human being is born with a primal emotional virtue (one of 78), and has the potential to study the remaining 77 states and incorporate them in his or her active consciousness.

This Initiation Way is illustrated in the emotional cards deck, , a fine-tuned energetic Work tool.

3. New Planetary mental Initiation operates through the Mental Body and the whole human brain system.

The work with The new Planetary Mental Initiation practice allows us to discover our Mental Mission in life – Primal Activating Essential Mental Attribute – connect and act primarily with this Attribute, sharpen our right commonsense and find our correct place within our own human circle, as well as within the evolving current of humanity.

The Work on the mental (astral) body, which, as the word astral hints at, indicates, at the direct connection existing between human beings and the planetary level of our solar system.

The Human Being's "central axis", is the spinal column and the head, including all of its nerve nodes, blood vessels, the immune system and the energetic channels through which the "cosmic influences" Energy of the orbiting planets are transmitted. This is the location where the work on The Energy of Being-states (Vital centers) of the Mental-body evolves.

The vertical axis is marked by the interactive energy centers, which receive the cosmic resonance of the twelve planets. These zones parallel, in effect, the twelve celestial signs of the zodiac to the twelve Essential States of Being!

In our system, we will call them either "flowers of knowledge" "chakras" (following the Hindu tradition).

The mental body in our system, is comprised of 156 elements (vital attributes and skills): Each planet representing a whole field of endeavor in life, passes through the twelve aspects of the astrological signs (states of Being), corresponding to the "mission-visits" in 144 "Initiatory stations". In addition to the 144 Initiatory stations, we take into account the twelve primary states of Being (the Astrological signs), altogether 156 elements.

Taken together, these three Initiation practice Ways constitute a whole method aimed at helping us to wake up, cope and achieve a healthy lifestyle and a sense of wholeness.

The ADAM Method’s R&D is accompanied by unique comprehensive Guidance Book ("The Manual") and Decks of cards.

For this Method’s practice we use a "tool box" that contains 5 necessary Tools:

• The Comprehensive Table of Essences
• The Planetary Initiation Cards Deck
• The Emotional Virtues cards Deck
• The ADAM Planetary Natal Charts
• The ADAM Method Manual "The way of self initiation

The tools are actually a series of “road maps” that chart the Work on oneself through the Way of New Planetary Initiation– the whole Way to the Being Essence of Life.

The Method may be shared either individually or under the steering of an authorized Mentor, as well as by participating in Method workshops, and through online work.

Applying both facets of the entire ADAM method, therapy and well-being reinforcement, as an illuminated road-map, we may succeed in finding the correct relation within ourselves to the energetic levels in the sanctity of the universe.

It's a long, fascinating journey towards the development of one's hidden possibility of becoming a whole person and functioning in a right manner in everyday life and beyond.