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Becoming a Member
People who wish to become members of the ADAM Method should first of all be initiated by the Method's Mentor, receiving personally the guiding compass of their Mission-in-Life. Passing through the sequence of meetings and workshops, you can contact the ADAM info Center to apply for membership. Once you become a member you can acquire the ADAM Method's didactic materials and tools.

Personal Initiation with the Mentor:
Four Meetings A.1- D: Recognizing and deciphering the Being-essence of the human's three bodies – Physical, Emotional, and Mental:

A1. Enhanced Sensory Initiation, demonstration and appreciation of the spatial directions

B. Emotional Mission Initiation, transmutation of the Emotional Virtues

Mental Mission Initiation, recognition of the new planetary Essential Attributes (Initiation Stations).

Including practical work on opening the three Bodies: Physical, Emotional and Mental

C. ADAM Natal-Chart Report
The objective in working with ADAM Natal-Charts is to clarify and enhance the direct connection with your Being Essence and gain knowledge of its inner structure. The newly elaborated ADAM Natal-Chart tool provides you with a unique approach, simple to understand, and fascinating in current use. Aided by these charts, one may continue to develop one's essence and investigate the level of development attained. These Natal-Chart Reports direct you to the real meaning and the Being-Essence of your Life's mission.

Membership owners who have in possession their ADAM Natal-Chart can acquire:

D. The ADAM Method Book with Planetary cards
The book - “The Way of Self-Initiation” - is designed for those interested in improving and strengthening their capabilities in significant life’s fields of endeavor, and deepening essential connections with their human and physical environment. The deck of Planetary-Cards is actually a series of “road maps” that chart the Work on oneself through the Way of New Planetary Initiation– the illuminating way to the Being Essence of Life.

Membership owners can attend-

E. Basic Workshop
Expanding the understanding of the Method's 4 principal elements

Physical, Emotional, Mental, and the Energy of Being:

• Meditation exercise: experiencing the path of sacred daily life.

The Physical Body: Training on enhanced-sensory, Spatial directions insight.

The Mental Body: Training on practical perception of the Table of Essences; Experiencing the first
  initiatory station; Understanding the basic laws of Creation.

The Emotional Body; Training on practical perception of Emotional Virtues with their Cards.
  Presenting the Emotional liberation and the Emotional age.

The Energy of Being. Appreciation of the Energy of Being. Exercise on the vibration of one Being-Center through application of Natal Chart. Understanding the law of progression of initiatory-stations in a Field of Endeavor. Receipt of the personal Didactic Notebook and the 12-Meditations training kit.

Membership owners who graduated the Basic Workshop, can benefit from these ADAM Method's helping services:

H. Kit #2 – Current Emotional -Virtue
Working with the Current /Guiding Emotional-Virtues is based on the use of axioms - definitive fixed key sentences - formulated and arranged with the utmost attention. These axioms constitute the objective initiatory sentences of this Way, illustrated in a specific Virtue-card, one of the 78 Emotional Virtue cards, a fine-tuned Working tool.

I. kit #3 - Current Essential-Attribute
Working with the Activation/Current Essential Mental-Attribute is based on the use of axioms - definitive fixed key sentences - formulated and arranged with the utmost attention. These axioms constitute the objective initiatory sentences of this Way, illustrated in a specific Planetary-card, one of the 156 Mental Planetary cards, a fine-tuned Working tool.

J. Personal advice for new impulse in daily life
Advice work with a set of 3 Planetary-cards: Helping to make a correct decision in decisive situations (initiation-stations) in the game of daily life.

K. The booklet “A New way to the being essence of life”
This booklet “A New way to the Being essence of life” conveys the ADAM Method and ADAM Therapy initiatory work reflecting one's sincere desire to attain inner freedom, to renew the fruitful connection with the universe and peace for the humanity.

Membership owners can benefit from these ADAM Therapy helping sessions:

A2. ADAM Therapy - The work on the physical Body
“Enhanced Sensory Evaluation Initiation work”. Operates through the physical body and the spinal column. This initiation reveals our bodies' six primary directions and the six secondary directional movements flowing throughout our organs, as well as their real sensory evaluation.

The Work is carried out by the patient through the ADAM therapist's hands, opening new potentialities and fostering subtle (minimal) motor capacities directed at points where movement is obstructed or blocked. During the lessons, pupils learn how to sense new potentialities (dozens during each lesson), which are actually combinations of the primary axis directions and their accompanying sensory intentions, some of which enter the patient consciousness. Conscious attention may be considered a type of spiritual organ or muscle that must be exercised, which aids us in developing our will and awareness of precise sensations, and bolsters confidence in our ability to situate sensation correctly.

In conclusion
In order to enroll the membership of ADAM Method, please refer to the corresponding email address - “Becoming a Member” in the ADAM Info Center section "Contact". A basic information form will be sent to your email address by your request. Fill up the personal form and the attached Application to acquire the "compass" to your Mission-in-life with the following guiding tools:

• The Individual Natal Chart Report.
• The Skype Initiation Meeting with ADAM Method's Mentor. Or attending introductory meeting
  with the Pivotal-Guide in the Workshops network activities (News).